Storm channel drains are available in 1 metre sections. They feature 3 vertical outlets for flexibility and have horizontal entry/outlet points which can be connected to ether 100mm or 110mm pipes. Flexible system which makes for easy installation. 

Channel drains are offered with Heelguard grates as standard, with a galvanised finish.

The grills conform to BS EN 1433: class A15 and can withstand a 1.5 tonne loading. Therefore the system can be installed in park areas, on sports pitches, at swimming pools, in walkways and where light vehicles may drive over.


* End cap - Allows you to securely seal the upstream end of the pipe

* End outlet - to connect into a 100mm or 110mm pipe

* Sump unit - this product includes a silt basket and integral water trap to prevent odours

* Quad connector - a corner or t-junction connector

Plastic Galvanised Channel

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