As part of our stormwater management system, we offer a range of attenuation and soakaway crates which offer aid in the storage and distribution of surface water in accordance with SUDS requirements. 


Aquacrate, made in the UK from recycled polypropylene, is a load-bearing underground water attenuation/soakaway system with larger dimensions than most crate systems to attain the same or larger cubic metreage with less crates. 

Product specifications:
Dimension: 1000x1000mm x 400mm
Capacity: 400 litres (2.5 per cubic metre)
Void ratio: 94.2% (Heavy)
95.5% (Lite)
Unit weight: 22.0kg (Heavy)
16.0kg (Lite)
Compressive strength: 400+ KN/m2 (Heavy) AQUACRATE 40
200+ KN/m2 (Lite) AQUACRATE 20


Stormwater Aqua Crates